Welding Blanket, 8' x 8'


This is the largest welding blanket we carry, with a size of 8' x 8'. These welding blankets have a working temperature of up to 1000*F or 537*C. Grommets all-around, making it easy to secure it to the object being protected. Made from heat-treated and flame retardant fiberglass.


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The welding blanket is made of 100% fire resistant fiberglass, which is specially treated to be compact, soft and ductile. It has the advantages of fire retardant, high-temperature resistant, incombustibility, anti-corrosion, insect resistance, reusable, that can directly reduce spark spreading and separate the flammable and explosive hazardous articles to ensure the securities of life and property. By using Welding blankets, you can effectively separate the objects from heat sources and spark-spreading zone and block the burning or isolated the burning. 


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